A Rmabling of a City Girl

Change Of Pace!

I'm moving soon. 

After living here for the last 3 years it's time for me to pack up and head back out to the burbs. 

I've really enjoyed living in the city and I'm going to miss it. It's actually kind of funny, because I always used to tease my sister about living in the suburbs, but ever since I told her I'm moving back, she's been teasing me so much about it. 

She used to call me a "city girl" since I said the suburbs were boring, so now she's all "if the suburbs are so boring, why are you moving back?"

Well, the reason I'm moving back is because I got a job offer that was too good to refuse. 

The job is about an hour away from my place in the city, but I don't want to have an hour commute each way, as I am already suffering from discomfort in my neck and shoulder region, so I decided it would probably be best if I were just to move to the suburbs instead. (My doctor diagnosed it as cervicalgia, I did tried searching about this condition and found that sitting too long in chair can cause these neck pain)

I haven't picked the place I want to live yet, but I've been looking at a few different places and the furthest one is only 15 minutes away from where I'm gonna be working, so my commute will be nice, especially in the winter when there is snow on the ground.

The weirdest part though is that I have to buy a car. I sold my car when I moved to the city because I didn't really need it anymore. 

I walked or took public transportation everywhere and my car was just sitting in a parking space (that I was paying for) so I figured I would just sell it. The only thing I didn't like about that was when I wanted to visit people outside of the city I had to either take the train or have them come pick me up downtown. 

But now I have to drive to work each day so I'm going to have to buy a car, and I'm going to have to compare car insurance quotes because I haven't even paid car insurance in 3 years since I didn't have a car, and I have no idea how much it's going to cost. I'm probably going to get a sedan that gets good gas mileage so hopefully, my rates won't be too high. Or maybe I'll get a hybrid. Don't they get like 50 mpg? I don't even know! I have some research to do.